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Simmer Design + Project Management
is a Toronto-based architecture and interior design practice, owned and led by Maria Missailidis. Having been raised in a family of fabricators, builders and contractors, Missailidis learned about the process of making by spending time on construction sites throughout her childhood. She later obtained her Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Waterloo, and founded her design practice.

The work of the firm searches to comprehend the manifold requirements of any architectural undertaking, distilling this complexity down to an essence that is articulated as elegant form. Meticulous attention to detailing and a close engagement with the construction process allows Simmer to produce high-calibre work that explores materials, streamlines management, and maintains tight control over the final product quality.

Current projects include a variety of residential renovations and new constructions. The firm has recently designed studio and loft spaces, an educational resource centre, a cultural centre, building fa├žades, and completed studies for a sports facility.
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